Rhythm Guitar Secrets: Mastering Rhythm, Dynamics, and Tone, by Richard Middleton
No matter what your style, "Rhythm Guitar Secrets" will help you be the rhythm guitarist you want to be.. rock solid, in the pocket, and in control.

Know what the pro's know... Let veteran guitarist and teacher Richard Middleton show you the subtle yet powerful rhythm guitar techniques that great players use to craft their parts and shape their sound.

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Wouldn't you like to:

• Play with greater accuracy, confidence, and power
• Hear any rhythm pattern and play it back perfectly
• Play and sing at the same time with ease
• Be the guitarist that other musicians want to play with

You can! And "Rhythm Guitar Secrets" can help you do it...

This unique book will help you...

  ...and a lot more!
It's all here, in 96 pages of clear, easy-to-follow instructions and exercises,
and over 100 illustrations:
46 in-depth lessons covering basic, intermediate, and advanced rhythm guitar techniques that will help you be the best player you can be.
64 detailed strum patterns, 46 from songs by well-known artists in every style... from AC/DC to James Brown, Joni Mitchell to White Stripes.
Every strumming pattern is written both in standard notation, and in a unique graphic system showing when to hit the strings and what direction your hand should be going in — you don't need to read music.
Plus, dozens of chords, TABS, diagrams, and photos illustrating cool chord voicings, fingerings, rhythm analysis, and playing tips and techniques.

Teachers: Rhythm Guitar Secrets is an ideal textbook for your
students who are working on their strumming skills.
What readers say...

"Thank you for your excellent rhythm guide. This is an incredibly helpful and thorough book.. really useful.. truly an invaluable learning tool."
- Eric, New York City

"Your book is exactly what I needed.. Your way of explaining is very much appreciated. Thanks!"
- Tom, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
"Excellent and enormously helpful book... very clear, friendly, and easy-to understand. A must-have for any developing guitarist."
- Kirsten, Claremont, California
"Really good stuff!"
- David, Nashville, Tennessee

What reviewers say...

"An intelligent approach to guitar technique and instruction - great food for thought and practice. Covers a wide breadth of styles and appeals to a wide audience. Builds a toolbox of strong rhythm technique, and gives you power in coloring and contouring your guitar work toward more dynamic and expressive playing."

- Victory Review, Jan 2010

Rhythm Guitar Secrets: Mastering Rhythm, Dynamics, and Tone, by Richard Middleton
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» » eBook (PDF), $10.00 « «

30-day money-back guarantee: If you feel Rhythm Guitar Secrets doesn't provide the information you need to become a better rhythm guitarist, just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund the full purchase price to you.

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