Rhythm Guitar Secrets: Checkout
About the Author

Richard Middleton is an award-winning independent singer-songwriter, recording artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, and music educator.

Since 1988, Richard has taught guitar, piano, rhythm, theory, ear training, and songwriting to hundreds of students. He earned a BFA in Jazz Piano Performance from Cornish College of the Arts in 1989, where he later taught courses in songwriting.

In addition to releasing his own recordings, Richard has appeared on numerous projects by other artists, including Kym Tuvim, Reggie Garrett, Joe Jencks, and Kathryn Mostow, and has performed with many respected West Coast artists, including Erin Corday, Joanne Rand, Magdalen Hsu-Li, Larry Murante, Brad Warren, and many others.

Richard's music writing has appeared in the music magazines SingOut! and Victory Review. His music education column, "Inside Music," ran in Victory Review for four years, and remains popular via the online archive on his website.

For more information: www.richardmiddleton.net